Sunday, May 4, 2014


Let's talk labels . . .  
the evolution of the label:

in the beginning . . . labels were carefully crafted from treasured scraps . . .

then, I took a class from the amazing Carrie, of Miss Rosie Quilts.  

she writes all kinds of cool stuff on the back of her beautiful quilts . . .
 like the name of the quilt and where it was made . . .  who pieced and quilted it.  That seemed way easier than my carefully crafted labels, but I eventually realized that my quilts will get "worn out", and that the ink will eventually fade away.

At the end of quilting my latest quilt, I changed my thread, and free motion quilted my mark.  Done. Fast. Easy.  will be there for ever! (that ugly loose thread down there is holding my binding together till I can hand sew it down)

Many years ago, our family inherited two beautiful boat quilts that came from my husband's side of the family.  Our children grew up with those quilts.  They are now thread-bare, soft as silk and well loved.  They are favorites, heirlooms, priceless, and if I don't keep my eye on them, they disappear . . . 

but they have no name, no label, no info.  We know nothing of their maker.  So. Sad.

I'd love to hear how you mark your quilts.

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  1. I have several quilts here ready to gift away, no labels. I have an old (1996) embroidery machine I could use, but new computer won't work with old software to digitize new label. That is how I used to do labels. Now I will just try it the way you have shown. Thanks for the tip.


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