Monday, October 27, 2014

another day at market and GIVEAWAY

I'm beat, I'm bushed (I'm broke) and I think my feet are gone cuz I can't feel them, but  pinch pinch . . . did I really get to go to Quilt Market again today?   Here's the first post (incase you missed it)

Cotton and Steel is an exciting young company, a division of RJR Fabrics, with an eclectic collection of fabrics for the modern quilter.  Here is a link to their fabrics coming out next summer.  They have some great decorator canvas.

the combination of the fabrics is just liberating.


KONA  has a new color chart.  

Below I have my chart (only 3 years old) sitting below, and the new one on top . . . a whole extra page of swatches!

It's so nice to have this color chart.  I can match up an actual fabric swatch and know exactly what to order from the lowest bidder on etsy.

HINT HINT > > >  Kona GIVEAWAY  at end of post.

This was part of Martingale's display (for my daughters and daughters-in-law who have produced me with 5 grandbabies in 2 years!)

Basic X-Blocks has some rulers that make some cool stuff.  Watch this video on youtube demonstrating their rulers.

Ella Blue -  Australian (fabric) designers for the modern quilter

how cute is this bunting . . .

and this one . . .

love the colors.

 Ok.  I think I'm loosing it on these Tulip needles  (it must be the cute little LINEN colored boxes with some advertiser's opinion of the most succulent colors or something).  I've been in the market for some new needles for sewing bindings, and Carrie of Miss Rosie Quilts recommended these on her blog.  So, they MUST be it!  She recommended the Milliners size 9 or 10 for binding.  I like a thin needle, so I'll try the 10.

 Riley Blake Designs (this is for you, Benay)

love the circle quilt.

strip skirt on the left,  (no double meaning intended :)  rick rack, and applique layering . . .  

Abbey Lane always has fun new patterns.  Her new displays featured some of Cotton and Steel's new fabric coming out next summer.

And finally, I guess I should show you some pictures from The Ruby Jubilee Exhibit in the exhibit hall.  I was amazed to learn that none of these were from Joanna S. Rose's collection displayed in NYC several years ago.

wow, look at that one at the top!

 I'd like to see that my Kona swatch guide (the old one I'm replacing, but still good) goes to a good home.  

I purchased these thick cots several years ago from somewhere.  The last 2 are almost worn out, and I can't find where I purchased them. 

If you're interested in my Kona book, leave me a comment telling me what you put on your fingers to grip your needle when hand sewing (binding).


  1. Love all your photos from Market!
    Nothing on my fingers when I hand stitch- just some nice callouses!

  2. Great photos. I don't use anything on my fingers when binding a quilt or even when hand quilting.

  3. I don't use anything, but would benefit from something to protect my fingers! Thanks for the chance!

  4. I'm like the others. I don't use anything on my fingers. If I have a really hard time getting the needle through, I use a small piece of rubber glove to grip the needle. Thanks for the chance to win the Kona chart.

  5. I just use a thimble to push the needle through. If the needle sticks I have a little circle thing I use to grip it. Thanks!

  6. I'm like the others and no help to you :) I don't use anything (yet) but what you have/had looks great!

  7. Thanks for all the great pics! I don't use anything yet but I sure could use something. Had a hard time tying a small baby quilt and could've used something for that!

  8. I have not used anything to protect my fingers for years. Do not do any hand sewing except for bindings. Thanks for opportunity to enter the giveaway. (

  9. I'm not very kind to my hands and feel really klutzy with anything on them. It's hard to even garden with gloves on! So, I have bare, beat-up fingers for hand-sewing. Would LOVE to have a swatch card, so thanks for the chance to win your old one!

  10. Hmmm - I don't use anything on my poor fingers which is why I alway have a permanent cut /stab hole on the top!!

  11. Candle wax. LIght a candle, wait for a little wax to pool and dip your tips. House smells good and your fingers get a mani while you stitch.

  12. I guess I don't do it enough to have a system! I would love my own Kona color card - I usually borrow my friend's one!

  13. I use a leather thimble to protect my fingers when hand sewing. Thanks for the chance to win your Kona Color card, it would be great to take the guesswork out of ordering online!

  14. I usually don't use anything when I hand sew but I would love to win the color card. I just ordered some Kona and ended up with two so close together....a card would have helped ;(

  15. I hand quilt without thimbles or anything, mostly because I need to feel the needle but sometimes it hurts like hell when the needle makes a hole in my finger and when it repeatedly enters that hole!! Today I am going to test some ThimblePads, we shall see what I think of those!!

  16. I've been using these for awhile and I really like them. I put one on my thumb and forefinger, but also one on my pinky because I tend to run the thread along the crook of my pinky when I'm pulling it tight.


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