Friday, June 15, 2018

flowering snowball

I'm so excited about this beautiful finish!!

This 100+ year old home is a couple miles from where we live, and made a perfect back drop for a photo shoot. 

The family has lived and farmed this land for a century now.  The middle school across the street bares the name of it's previous owner.  

When I saw this pattern, I just couldn't help myself.  All other projects sprawled out in the sewing room 1/2 of the upstairs were put on hold  . . .

while a piece of EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF FABRIC I OWN was pulled out temporarily for a quick snip

including a lot of heather ross and other favorites.

It's quilting is very simple . . .  in the ditch, and through the centers.  I'm noticing more snuggling going on with quilts less quilted, they're softer.

I love my Sweet Sixteen by HQ.  I've had it almost 10 years now and have been very happy.

I centered the template where I wanted to on the fabric then used my 28mm rotary cutter, then marked each of those little dots, which came in handy when assembling. 

72 x 84 inches finished BEFORE washing.
templates - Baycreek Quilting Products - 12 inch template
bamboo batting? (I can't remember, but I'm trying to use bamboo for quilts that I keep)

Friday, May 11, 2018

Journey of a cutting table

The idea of incorporating this dresser into a cutting table has been in the planning stages for years, and it has been quite the journey. . . .

which started with some major bribing and pleading (homemade chocolate chip cookies) . . . 

a table top from Ikea

some muscle power and big tools, and more bribing . . .

and some creativity.

I needed to incorporate the dresser cuz it is full of fabric, and I didn't have room for both pieces in my sewing room.  

I absolutely love this antique blue.  And since my husband won't let me paint the whole kitchen in it, this will fill the niche.  (he probably knows he'd end up being the designated painter :) #hefinishesallmyprojects 

gotta have new hardware!

"Pleased as punch" describes the mood around here.  I think my family will be happy when the newness wears off, they're getting tired of me pulling them into my sewing room to show off these beautiful details (talk about my new table)

Time to put the fabric away.

What do you use for cutting your fabric?  Are you still taking the cutting phase of your quilting projects down to the kitchen where the counter top is taller?  or are you just dealing with the sore back?

Monday, April 16, 2018

giant flying geese

Once in a great while, when the seasons are changing, I'll hear distant cries.  I quickly run outside to witness the majestic site of a flock of geese, migrating to some distant location.  For a few moments, time stands still, and my heart sings.  

 Giant geese

This is my new "go-to" fast quilt, and a great option for donation quilts.  I can get one done in 6-7 hours (maybe faster for you, I'm pretty slow),   a good "purge exercise".

The idea is to use as much of a fat quarter as you can.  So I've done 17 inch squares, but 14 inch is my favorite.  When time is of the essence, it's an easier size to work with, and I like the finished look.

I was skeptical about this tool, then I tried it ...  it is amazing!  No ink showing through, and it is easy to see.  Available at the big box or your LQS.

I dug through my box of "left-overs" to make the back.  A left-overs box is what happens when you divert from pattern directions frequently :)

If I don't have much white fabric in the top and back, I use my batting scraps, spray basting them well so they stay close until quilted.

 My current go-to free motion quilting design has been this big scroll with a large empty center.  After it's washed, the middle puffs up creating a nice contrast, and soft finished feel.

10 light fat quarters
10 dark fat quarters
or 20 - 14 inch squares 
66 x 54 finished, washed

What's your favorite quick quilt to make?


Monday, January 1, 2018

5 favorite finishes for 2017

I'm joining Cheryl's linky party - 5 favorite finishes for 2017.

1.  i-spy value quilt

It was made for a 3 year old and is also perfect for playing the matching game, since there are 2 of all the fabrics on the quilt.

I used some pearl cotton in my bobbin for labeling on the back.  You can read about this quilt here.

2.  pink baby gingham quilt

you can read about Rosie's gingham quilt here.

3.  lonestar baby quilts for twins

the girl quilt features Wonderland by Rifle Paper Company.

 the pink one has this cool grafiti quilting, you can read about these quilts here.

  4.  59 and four quarters is a scrappy log cabin

made with sweetwater's Road 15, and has some chunky stitching.
The labeling was fun too.

 5.  flowering snowball - has no blog post yet since it was finished a day ago.  But it has a sample of most all fabrics in my house,

 including some rarely seen Heather Ross fabrics and one that was used to make our children's Christmas PJ's over 30 years ago.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about this flowering snowball quilt.


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