Friday, August 21, 2015

stepping stones

Stepping Stones made with Sweetwater's "noteworthy", is in the final process of hand sewing the binding.  

I needed a quick finish, and this pattern was the trick.  It's very similar to the "double slice layer cake" method.  

And I used the "stack and sew" method for piecing, which you can learn about here.  It will literally carve out more hours in your day!

I fell in love with this quilt from QuiltCon 2015.  "Quilt 2" from the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild - pattern by Debbie of Esch House Quilts .  I not only love the design, but the quilting as well . . .

broken lines with random circles.

I quilted the horizontal lines first, then went back and marked the circles.  I fished the beginning and end threads back through the quilt (is there a term for that?)

The back is a take on Amanda Jean's "birch tree" design.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

quilting "my small world"

"my small world" has been on the quilting table this week.  

I've decided to continue my shamless copycatting, and quilt "my small world" like JenKingwell's.  The sky is tile quilted and the rest is "stitch in the ditch" (which is so boring and tedious), and some "match stick" quilting here and there.  

OMW!!  did I really forget a square?  
It just may stay like that :)

What do you do while you quilt?  Have you ever tried "Audible"?  audio books.  This week I listened to:

I'm not sure what I think of it . . . it's very different from "To Kill A Mockingbird".    I actually listened to them both these past few weeks, as well as this excellent book:

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

varsity arrives

Recently, I seem to be starting more projects than I'm finishing.  We all know that creates a bottle neck at the quilting machine.  Lots of tops sitting around waiting for backs and quilting.

But when I saw these cute Varsity mini's in my friend's etsy shop (Stitches 'n' Giggles), I went off my "fabric purchasing diet".

 I've been drooling over these 3 fabrics ever since Varsity was announced.

This line by sweetwater, has all those boyish designs and colors that their line Reunion had.

I like to buy from "Stitches 'N' Giggles" on etsy because she has the kinds of fabrics that I like, the boyish stuff.  She carries the big name fabrics:  Me and My Sister Designs, Fig Tree, Bonnie and Camille etc but she loves the Sweetwater fabric lines.

This is the beginnings of a postage or checker board baby quilt.

Also on the design wall this week is the back for "my small world" 

a shameless copy of JenKingwell's "my small world" found in the Spring 2015 issue of QUILTmania.

 So, that means pulling all the scraps out again and making big messes:

and fitting the pieces together till I liked what I see.


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Friday, July 31, 2015

Christmas in July & giveaway

Today's the last day to finish my Christmas gifts in July.  Table runners is the ticket this year with the new Christmas line out by Sweetwater, "Holly's Tree Farm"
So. Cute.

Look how darling these fabrics are:

I started playing with all my favorite designs like this one, values, lining up the darks and the lights.

Oh, and since we celebrate Christmas in July and it's my birthday in the later part of July, I decided that these items from my LQS were a justified purchase (in case the hubby needs a suggestion, you know . . . I'm helping him out.)

OMW!!  Matilda's Cutting Mat is absolutely amazing.  It turns like a dream, and there aren't any corners to get in your way.  It came in so handy as I was making those hst.

 If you're thinking about one, it's got my vote!  Definitely a good investment.  You can see a youtube video and read about them here

Next, "Bloc Loc rulers".  Now, I'm not one to have lots of gadgets in the kitchen, I pride myself on not having a tool if I have something else that can do the same thing, just not as fancy.  But I've decided on a different policy in the sewing room.  This ruler is definitely a must.  And with Matilda's rotary cutter . . . well lets just say that I now enjoy making HSTs.
Aren't those cars/trucks cute?  

Next topic.

Last month, I used the "stack and sew" method and made this quilt using "gardenvale" by Jenkingwell.  You can read about it here.

I have a left-over charm pack that can't be returned and would love to give away.
To enter the giveaway, leave a comment and tell me how you follow this blog.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

wip- bugs plus quilt

Another plus quilt.  This time, I'm trying the "rectangle in the middle" method.  I'm already seeing a disadvantage to using this method, I can't use my "stack and sew" method, posted back here which would save me eons of years as I sew it together.  I'll have to sew row by row . . . boooorrring!  

I think I'm looking for a more muted look, maybe more green too.

 These are my favorites, and didn't make it into the circle photo shoot.  These were from Hawthorne fabrics online.

I think I'll bind in that dark poka-dot gray on the bottom left

 Have you seen the "wimpy kid" line out at  your local quilt shop?  so. cute.

The inspiration came from the colors I saw in this quilt by quiltstory on IG.

Here are the notes I'm working off of:
twin bed size (for my sewing room)
squares are 4 inches.
1 rectangle and 2 squares = 1 plus
18 squares wide (if the rectangles were 3 squares)
24 squares long

pillow sham:
9 squares x 6 squares

cut FQ into 4-4inch strips across longer length of fat quarter.  cut 1 4x11, cut 2-4x4.
need 21 FQ

love the dark gray binding

for the love of George (ha ha, love the name of her blog)  has a nice tutorial.  I've made lots of plus quilts, but always cut all squares, never used a rectangle for the middle piece.  This diagram helped with the layout.

gray plaid sheets underneath.  matching pillow case (go back to pine needle village and get more from the collection)

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