Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Free Motion Quilting

For more free motion quilting ideas, go to my pinterest and look for the FMQ board.  I haven't had time to link each picture to the blog post.  If you want the link, just leave me a comment.

alternating 3 designs

organic cross hatch

map quilting

map quilting

Bishop's fan

 When you quilt around your figures on the front, look what you get on the back !!!

 Small stippling around images makes them pop.  Pebbles.

I found this design on Day Style Designs.  She has lots of fun designs and video tips for FMQ.  I found it helped to have a blown up picture of the design on my computer next to my machine to refer to.


before washing . . .


Straight line quilting.

Organic line quilting

open center circles.

circle rulers.

straight stipple

I guess this isn't technically "free motion", but it took so dang long,  I've got to put it in.

I had to create my own stencil.  I'd like to try this again some time.  I'll use a pounce pad.

What a great idea for a sewing machine cover.  Great practice too!

"Don't Look Now", Kelly Wulfson is an amazing FM quilter.

Riley Blake display at market

Notice the quilting below the road (ground) and above the cars (sky/clouds).


  1. your FMQ is so amazing....how do you handle the stops and starts when you are doing individual sections?

  2. If it's a nice heirloom quilt, I start by pulling the bobbin string up, after the first stitch. Then, at some later point, I tie those 2 strings in a square knot, and fish them into the inside quilt with a needle. But usually, I back stitch 3 or 4 stitches before starting, then just clip the threads.


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