Sunday, May 19, 2024

modern art quilts

 I have become bored with traditional quilting and with most of the fabrics that are designed these days.  I am now drawn to a different kind of quilting.  One that doesn't have a pattern, or directions.  It begins with an idea in my head, sometimes a photo.  Then I figure out how to turn it into a quilt.  

The "reverse raw-edge appliqué" or "stencil quilting" gives endless possibilities for modern art quilts.  

You know when you get to the age that you start doing crossword puzzles and sudoku to keep your mind sharp?  Well, this is what I do :)

t-Rex for Spencer

Mother's Day card - no blog post

children's crafts - no post

I have ideas in my head that would be fun to create using this "raw-edge reverse appliqué" method. 
I've already purchased the fabric for this whale quilt.

Another potential design for an art quilt

A skeleton quilt ... totally On my bucket list!

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