Saturday, May 29, 2010

Greek Square Quilt

My very "quilt patient" husband asked me one day why I give all my quilts away and why we don't have one for our bed.  So, I took the pillow in our room that I like and started shopping for coordinating fabric. 

Here is most of the fabric that I found.  As usual . . . I LOVE THE COLORS !!!

I took a basic quilting class a few years ago, and my friend taught us those basic skills while making many different blocks.  I fell in love with the Greek Square and decided to make a sampler with just that square.

While putting the top together, I saw a quilt one day with a quilting pattern that fascinated me.  The quilt had been displayed in the store for many years.  The employees did a little research for me and found the pattern.  It's called Chantilly, by Black Forest Quilting.

This is a very large, heavy quilt. 1/2 way through the quilting, my machine started acting up, a problem I have with the tension from time to time while free-motion quilting, probably because there is a lot of pulling and tugging.   I've decided to work on something else until I can get my machine serviced.

I have since decided to add another border to this quilt, to make it larger.  I've learned that it's not easy to add to a quilt once you have put it together.  It's back on the back burner.

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