Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Monsters by "Don't Look Now"

This cute little guy is on a quilt called "Little Monsters".  It was created by Kellie Wulfsohn at "Don't Look Now!"  She is a brilliant pattern designer, and uses the ancient technique of Trupunto in her designs.  Kellie has a distinct style in her quilts which is very appealing to the eye (at least mine!)
Kellie and the other ladies that work with her are from Australia, and have beautiful accents.  You should check out her blog. You can purchase patterns for her quilts and other items here.
You may notice that the prices are a little higher than your normal pattern price, but they are filled with all the drawings and instructions on her techniques. . . well worth it!

The pattern for this darling quilt, "Peak Hour", blogged here.  It was featured in Homespun in June.
 This one is called Alphabet Soup.
Kellie uses a Bernina for her quilting.  In her blog, you can see that she gives lots of classes.  I'll have to work Australia into our travel schedule so I can take a class to better learn her techniques.  Think my husband will go for it?  I'll leave the quilting part out of my initial approach :)

Thank you Kellie! for a wonderful showing in Houston.  

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