Friday, August 5, 2011

Liz's first quilt - The Yellow One

 My daughter-in-law Liz, just finished her first quilt.  She did a beautiful job.  I love the colors and prints she chose. They came from different lines, but she brought them together well.  She found most  at our local quilt shop, then she found a few more on-line, including the back.  I think seeing the colors and combinations of your fabrics with your own eyes is the best way to go when starting out.  Unless you purchase a charm pack where the fabric all comes from the same line, shopping for fabric on-line takes practice, and a few mistakes along the way.

She wanted to learn how to quilt.  So, she found a good used sewing machine on e-bay.  That project could take it's own blog post!  it took lots of research and several attempts at buying, but in the end, she got exactly what she wanted, a basic used sewing machine in a $350 budget.

She likes my wooden bread bowl :)

Finished size: 58" x 73".   She used a basic 8 inch square pattern, a perfect beginner quilter project (you can find the tutorial for a it on the right side under "Laura's fish".)

She pieced the back from the border from one of her fabrics.
She binded it with the same fabric as the back, which I thought looked really nice.  She is a fast learner, and did a fabulous job.  Congrats Lizzie!!


  1. This is one of my favorite quilt styles. It's beautiful!

  2. Great to see your handiwork, Liz! You have a wonderful mentor in Linda.

  3. I really impressed to watch your handiwork. It is really beautiful and you select a perfect combination of superb colors, I really like it very much.


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