Friday, November 30, 2012

Finish Friday

Blocks A are complete, all 13 finished!

Blocks B are now in progress.

We went to the theatre twice last week-end, a bit unusual, but hey, 007's out.

I've decided to name this quilt Skyfall.  Ok, I've watched it 3 times . . . well one of those was when I jumped theaters because of sheer bordom.  I won't tell you the name of the movie I deserted, it'll reveal my ignorance.

Several years ago, we took a trip to Scotland.  The end of the movie is filmed there, close to Glencoe.   This quilt that I'm making is for someone who went there with me.  It's a beautiful part of the world, very quiet and serene, with some tragic history.

Have any of you seen Skyfall?  What'd you think?  I've heard mixed opinions.


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  1. My husband and I both loved Skyfall! In fact, we are planning a return trip to the theater to see it again. What's not to love, right? :)

    Love your quilt too - can't wait to see the finish!

  2. Love the fabrics you're using. We LOVED Skyfall. Best Bond movie, in my opinion. And how *perfect* is Adele for the feature singer???!


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