Sunday, December 23, 2012

corner bakery christmas quilt

In a guild Christmas party this week, someone was asked "how many Christmas quilts do you have displayed in your house right now?" .......

the woman's answer was "well, I just downsized so, only 10".  I looked around and didn't see any surprised faces...   
(Whaaaaaat???  I guess I haven't been quilting very long)

Dad and I frequent the Corner Bakery Cafe for supper.  While waiting for our soup one evening, I was intrigued by our order no. card sitting on the table, specifically the top ......

so I created a place for it in the quilt on my design board :)

and in the binding.  

The center is a Schnibbles pattern by Carrie Nelson.

I always hang my Christmas laundry out in the snow ... don't you?

'match stick' ..... the craze in the fmq world.  
Angela Walters has some helpful information about it here.

 You can find buffalo checked in minky at Missouri star.  

42" x 55" - lap size
pattern for middle section is Reveille from Schnibbles by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. 
free motion quilted on my HQ Sweetsixteen 
(by me in my Christmas pjs :)

gifted to Emily

 Merry Christmas to all...


   . . . thank you Amandajean.


  1. Love how something caught your eye and inspired you to incorporate it into your quilt! I imagine that is how all the professional quilt designers are able to crank out several patterns by finding inspiration from daily surroundings.

  2. What a fun little quilt! Isn't it amazing how inspiration can come from anywhere?!

  3. Very cute, and how great to have your Christmas quilt already done for next year :)


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