Tuesday, July 2, 2013

wip skyfall

Hoping to finish the quilting on skyfall this week.  It's a BIG task to quilt a kingsize.  I used lots of techniques, including some new ones.

To make this grid, I used Dritz's invisible ink pen (love it!) and marked a 3/4" grid.  It was long and tedious, but I'm really happy with the results.

I over heard some ladies talking in a quilt shop once about using this clear polyester thread for stitching in the ditch, because it doesn't show your boo boos.  I really like how it finishes.

I'm interested in knowing if anyone has any comments on the Mono Poly polyester thread.  I'm concerned about it long term.  Will it still be holding my quilt together in 30 years?  Please leave a comment if you have any info on that.

For the Chantilly border, I used the chalk pounce.  Towards the end, I just ended up using the invisible marker.  It's less messy.  I do feel like my machine gets gunked up with the chalk.

I don't have a finished picture of the Chantilly border yet.  But it turned out very nice.

I have really been stepping out of my comfort zone this week.  I was really scared (intimidated may be a better word) to try these feathers and honestly, I've never been a big feather fan,  but they turned out really nice, and I'm happier with them then I thought I'd be.  I just had to draw myself a guide for the stem with my invisible pen and the rest came easy.

Here's a quick picture of the back.  

After 3 days of quilting, and hundreds of meters of thread, what a coincidence to run out of thread with 2 feet to go!!

I have a question for you.  I'm afraid to wash this kingsize quilt.  I can't afford any shrinkage on it.  When it needs cleaning, I'm considering dry cleaning.   Do you have any thoughts on comparing dry cleaning to laundering your quilts?
Thank you



  1. Amazing quilting! Your feathers look great. Love those grids! Great job!

  2. Oh what a lovely quilt. Your quilting is great - you've got the feathers much more regular in size than I do when I'm quilting without marking.

  3. Wonderful quilting - I have been looking for a monofilament that works well. Thanks for linking up today!!

  4. It is just gorgeous!! I just bought the Tiara longarm...much like yours.
    Hoping to get enough time to get comfortable with it soon. I am a long time hand quilter. I find machine quilting intimidating....but am going to learn if it kills me...haha

  5. Marjorie, you can practice hand quilting on baby quilts, or "play quilts". My definition of a play quilt is 1 yd pieces of fabric quilted together. Start out by picking 1 design and practicing it until you are feeling good about it, then, use it on a quilt. Have fun with it.

  6. Another beautiful quilt! And I love the quilting! How did you do the straight lines on the SS? Rulers involved?

  7. Kathy, I marked the straight lines with a ruler, using a disappearing pen.

    1. Just as you said in the post!! Guilty of flying through posts looking at all the beautiful pictures and not taking the time to actually read the post! Sorry! The quilt is spectacular!

  8. Beautiful works in progress there! I hate when I am SO CLOSE to being done with something and run out of thread lol...what a pita :P

    I am stopping by from the WIP hop, hop on by if you can http://domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2013/07/wip-wednesday-july-3rd-edition.html

  9. Wow - that looks fantastic!

  10. Lovely quilting. I have heard that if you take something that is all cotton to be dry cleaned, they just wash it anyway. You need to be very specific with the cleaners. I love the wrinkled look after the quilt is washed, myself. I wish I had enough money to by a sit-down long arm. I would love it. Your quilts are wonderful. Susan

  11. I see you have the quilting machine I would love to have. What are your thoughts on it? Have you had it long enough to know what you like and don't like about it? I live in West Plains, Missouri in the same town where Gammill Long Arm machine company is located. In fact my sons work at a machine shop where they built the tables for the long arm machines and I've been intimidated with all the set up involved and when I saw the Sweet Sixteen several months ago while visiting my daughter in NY I knew that was what I wanted. I am currently fmq on my sewing machine and that limits the size of quilts I can quilt. Any thoughts on the Sweet sixteen would be appreciated.......Thanks,Lisa

  12. I have that book, I'll have to re-visit it, I don't recall this quilt. I love the colors you used and the way you quilted it. I used Monopoly, maybe not the same brand but same kind of thread in a quilt about 15 years ago and it is still together and good as new. I would think threads have only improved during that time. I plan to use it on the next applique quilt I quilt.


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