Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This week, 1/2 my house looks like this:

and the other 1/2 looks like this:
piles of stuff everywhere . . .

 sewing has gone temporarily back to the dinning room . . . with hubby showing a bit of anxiety that comes from "sewing taking over whole house"

tip for the week:
 I do have a tip for you.  When ever I take a room apart that I will put back together, I always take "before" pictures, so I can quickly return things to their places . . . after all, it took me hours to get it "just so".

see paint swatch on wall to the right

more paint swatches to the left.

I especially use this tip when decorating for the holidays.  Before decorating, I quickly go around and take pictures of the areas that will be changed.  So after the holidays, putting everything back together is a snap . . . I can even give the picture to another person and put them in charge of re-staging that area.

mantel options:

Since I tend to change things up a bit each year, I have several options from past years of how to decorate each area.  Those pictures are all organized under a "decor" file in my photo storage.

Dinning table options:

for Thanksgiving:

 before Christmas:

Christmas decor:

This is not a good picture of that piece on the top right.  But It's a bird cage with garland and several bows.  I take pictures of the stages of putting that together so each year, it goes together quickly.

and amidst all this mess,  I have some sewing wip for the week:

making a few more of these for the back of butterscotch chips,

still looking for the perfect apron, made this up yesterday . . .

Christmas runner - a friend and I are each making up this pattern, I'm trying to decide how to quilt the center, stitch around some of the designs? or an over all patten?  or something else . . .  Which would you recommend?

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  1. Ooh, great projects! Thanks for the tip on photos. I especially like the idea of taking them so someone else can put it back the way it was after the holidays. Brilliant!

  2. Enjoy the painting. I don't mind clearing out a room, but I don't like finding room for everything after ; )

  3. Very attractive Christmas runner. I enjoyed all your photos.

  4. Sewing while renovating ... my hat is off to you! Great idea, these before and after pictures. As for the quilting question: since this is such a nice fabric I'd probably just quilt a line under each written line ....


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