Friday, November 1, 2013

sewing room revealed

Well, I don't exactly have a quilted finish, but after 3 long weeks of a renovation, my sewing room is back in a working state . . . FINISHED!  The walls are painted in Loggia from Sherman Williams.  

I've always wanted a design wall, which is basically batting pinned to the wall.  And that's my current project (more to come)

These spools purchased at market will go in a small antique china cabinet I just inherited (currently being repaired)

Still putting a few things away . . .

Possible curtain fabric . . .

I purchased Fig Tree's new line, Mirabelle at spree.  It's due out March 2014.

I've wanted this pattern by Swirly Girls Design for years, but you had to belong to a club to get it.  Now, it's available in a book, Sew Sweet Fun & Fresh Quilts from Swirly Girls Design . . .

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  1. Wow you are neat! My sewing room is a disaster!

  2. Aren't we blessed to have our own rooms? Enjoy your new space

  3. Those fabrics are gorgeous - lovely colours!

  4. What a great space! And I love the new line, "Mirabelle."

  5. Carla, It's great! I've waited 30 years for my own sewing room.

  6. Nice space and lovely fabrics.

  7. Looks great Linda. Did you get to take over a bedroom? Having a designated space is so nice.

  8. Nettie, you get to do all sorts of things in your house when your kids are all gone :0


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