Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chain Reaction in Figs - Quilt Festival

Thanks once again, Amy, for creating a place for us all to come and share.

"Chain Reaction in Figs" 
I first saw this pattern at Quilt Market several years ago, and fell in love with it . . . more about the pattern here

  stacked coin design on the back

You can see this new line of Fig Tree fabrics featured on the designer's blog in this post


I love this pantograph design by Beany Boy quilts for Willow Leaf Studio, but I don't have a long-arm.  So, I had to transfer the design onto my quilt. 

For the first row, I tried tracing the pattern onto thin paper

then sewing through it

 but then I had to do this: (which took for ever!)

 so I decided to make a stencil . . . 

 the process went by much faster after that

 you can read about my adventures quilting it here

  since then, I have come across a system of using netting to transfer a design for quilting, eliminating having to make a stencil  (more to come in a future post about that)

The "Chain Reaction" pattern can be found in this book by Swirly Girls

quilt stats:
60" x 77" (washed)
fabric is Mirabelle by Fig Tree
negative space is Kona pfd bleach white
warm & natural white batting
quilting design is "Tickle" by Beany Girl Quilts
Pattern is Chain Reaction by Swirly Girls

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  1. It is a lovely quilt. The front and back look wonderful. Great quilting, too.

  2. This is really gorgeous. I love both sides of it and I'm impressed with your quilting!

  3. Oh it's lovely, and so great to have a double sided quilt (love stacked coins!) Really interesting to read about your quilting adventures.

  4. This is so soft and cuddly looking, I just love it!

  5. My favorite fabric and love the pattern it looks amazing, you should be really happy!!

  6. congratulations on your beautiful quilt work

  7. Beautiful job - such lovely, soft colours! Great tips on the quilting.

  8. Dropping by from Blogger's Quilt Festival, I see Citric Sugar has already said what I was going to type so I'll type it anyway! Beautiful soft colours, great design and fabrics :D

  9. Such a pretty quilt and I love those fabrics. My favorite part is that the back is as gorgeous as the front!

  10. Love this! Such a great pattern to show off favorite prints too!

  11. Beautiful soothing colors. The back is as pretty as the front!


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