Friday, June 6, 2014

Let's Pretend Chevron

"Let's Pretend"  by Sarah Jane with pink chevrons and Kona pfd bleach white.

What's a little girl not to love about this print?  

free motion quilting straight lines isn't always the easiest.  I just marked them.

I love the old buildings along Geneva Road in Orem.

I got the idea for the quilt here, and used nettie's chevron instructions here, and got the idea for the pieced name from nettie also.

See post about matching doll quilt here.



  1. So adorable! I love the panel print below the chevrons.

  2. Love the panel and the name on the back. I have that alphabet fabric but never thought of using it like that.

  3. THE cutest quilt. I think I have a little border print similar. Great idea

  4. Beautiful!! I absolutely LOVE chevrons, and yours turned out so great!! Visiting (and new subscriber) from Finish It Up Friday!

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  5. Man, that print on the bottom... holy moly is that awesome! The chevrons in pink were the perfect quilt companions to make that inset really stand out.

  6. I love the bottom of the quilt. What a great idea.

  7. Very pretty. Great idea to piece the names!

  8. This is the cutest quilt linda!! I love the panel on the bottom. I might have to copy that sometime.

  9. the print is so cute. I must be a little girl still!!
    not afraid of color!

  10. Such a nice finish! Love the chevrons and the print is gorgeous! Lovely photos.

  11. I love the Let's Pretend line! Very cute with the panel at the bottom!

  12. I LOVE that quilt! So cute, you did a great job! How big is the finished size of your quilt?

  13. The photo of the pink quilt against the grey-worn wood on the barn is gorgeous! And the border on the quilt bottom is adorable!!

  14. Such a darling quilt! I love the name on the back. How many if your readers even know where Geneva Road in Orem is? Thanks for giving me ideas. :)

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