Sunday, February 15, 2015

NAM Quilting Bee

The annual Northwest Assistance Ministries Quilting Bee was held today.  11 congregations turned in 337 quilts for families who have gone through a homeless recovery program.

The best part of this annual bee is to see the displays of beautiful quilts, some very old.  Our congregation was in charge of decorating the gym this year:

I'm simply amazed at work that went into the hand made quilts before rulers, rotary cutters,  and sewing machines.  Though the finished products are the same, quilting surely is different from what it was 80 - 100 years ago.  

After the donated quilts were logged in, they were hung over the pews.  

lunch time:

the quilt we tied:

Klein turned in 17 quilts
total turned in 337
aprox. 150 in attendance at the bee


  1. Wow! A beautiful display and lots of quilts to bless the lives of others.

  2. I loved the idea of different churches and congregations coming together to render aid to those rebuilding their lives. The decorations evoked a feeling of being home. I loved seeing the quilts draped across the pews. Thank you for sharing this wonderful event.

  3. Amazing! Look at all those beautiful quilts ready to be donated! What a blessing indeed!

  4. This is a wonderful display of quilts. The old ones are amazing with the work in them.


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