Friday, May 8, 2015

chopin, in memory of Jordan


One can not express the feelings of sorrow felt when a dear friend's child passes away.

The afternoon of Jordan's viewing, I awoke from a nap with the image in my head of log cabins in these deep rich fabrics from my stash.

It came together in a few days.
The negative space has quilted feathers and tiling.  The logs are stitched in the ditch.

This quilt was made in memory of Jordan, who was 1 semester away from finishing a piano performance major.   The design, straight predictable lines of a log cabin, read Jordan, pure and simple.  The deep, rich colors read his love for the beauty and richness in the classical pieces he played.

He was a brilliant musician.  His friend made a youtube video about Jordan that you can see here, where he's playing his favorite Chopin piece.

Rest in peace, Jordan.



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's son. It was nice of you to make that quilt in his memory. Will you give it to your friend?

    My next door neighbor's 17 year old son died 4 years ago in an accident. Three neighbors and I helped his mom make a memory quilt out of his old t-shirts and flannel pajamas. We had to teach his mom how to sew, and it was a long process. It took almost a year to make the quilt, but I think it helped her heal.

  2. What a beautiful quilt in honor of someone special. I hope it brings comfort.

  3. A lovely quilt; his family will be very touched. The quilt is beautiful.

  4. I am so very sorry to hear of Jordan's loss. I am so glad your friend has you and your lovely thoughtful quilt to help her get through.

  5. Very touching tribute. I love the tangible, permanent memorial you gave her.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to Jordan and how special for his family.

  7. what a beautiful tribute to a special young man; my friend's son passed last year - he was the same age as my youngest, so sad

  8. Oh my heart. I can't even imagine. So very sorry but it's nice you could do something to ease your grieving heart

  9. how kind of you, and what a beautiful gift. I am sure it will offer comfort in the quiet times of mourning. I can not imagine the loss of one of my children. I am sure there will be many long nights where a warm quilt "hug" will be comforting.

  10. So very sad when a life full of such promise ends far too soon.


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