Sunday, December 6, 2015

fall retreat report

Thanks to our retreat chairladies, Chrissy and Mary for putting on a great show.

We went to Nellie's Cottage Retreat.  It was beautiful, affordable, quiet, quaint, and decorated just like a little Nellie's cottage should be decorated.  I would highly recommend it.

group project:
design boards following Lori Holt's tutorial from her blog "Bee in my Bonnet".

We made 2 sizes.  They work really great if you're making those "Farm Girl Vintage" blocks.

 notice the use of the larger design board here, it makes piecing projects easy to move around until sewn together.

The second group project were these stiletto's.  You can use them like you would your seam ripper or small scissors to aid in pushing fabric through the feed dogs.  The stiletto pins were purchased at a local craft store and beads from a bead shop.  We stuck a little super glue in there to keep the beads in place.

Some products I learned about.  This brand of gum is real gentle on your teeth.

 These nose strips come in handy when you're sleeping in a room full of snoring people, or if your hubby snores or your worried about your long-term cognitive decline.  They're new and improved.


  1. It looks like you had a great time and were also quite productive. The setting for the retreat looks lovely!

  2. Soooo super fun! Thanks so much for coming!

    BTW.....the pins for the Stilettos are actually Turkey Lacers! Who knew!

  3. Also a note on the mini design boards....I was skeptical and only made 4 of each size. I've since made more and have 16 small and 6 large. Use them and LOVE THEM!!!


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