Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 in review

Between these photo shoots, I think we got them all.

I have a hard time with new year's resolutions.  They seem to be the same every year, and they are quickly forgotten.  But one day last week, time froze for an instant, and I was caught up in thought.  I knew of something that I could work on this year.   My one word motto for the year . . .  validate.   

I have a tendency to just want to fix things in the lives of those around me, and move people along their processing path.  But I'm finding that people need to learn things through their own experiences and on their own time table.

It would be more helpful to them if I validated their feelings, felt sympathy for them.  Let time stand still.

That's my one word motto for the year. 

Quilting has been a great therapy for me this year.   There were days and weeks of hard work for long hours, early rises, and late nights.    Then, there would be a reprieve, an escape to my quiet home . . .  it was time for quilting, processing, contemplation, resting, creating.  How thankful I am that God has given me the passion for quilting and all that goes along with it.

Creating gives us such a sense of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.  It is such a healer.  I love the people in this industry.  They are kind and sharing.  


  1. I always love your fence picture. What a great theme for 2016.

  2. Great post! I agree about the new year's resolutions. I tend to set goals throughout the year, but new year's resolutions tend to not do it for me. I'm happy you've found joy in your quilting! You've brought a lot of joy to others through your quilting.

  3. From one wanna be 'fixer' to another - beautifully said. Happy New Year!

  4. Seeing them all on the fence is beautiful! Here's to 2016!

  5. Your post was very touching and perfectly correct. When I talk to someone about grief , joys and trials I'm not wanting a fix, really just want to know someone understands
    (As you said validate) Quilting is truly a comfort for so many things. Love the pics of your quilts .


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