Wednesday, March 16, 2016

thread talk

I'm getting a good little collection of thread . . . maybe not as much as you . . . I've just discovered aurifil thread.

On this next quilt, I'm stepping out of my box, or maybe I should say, I'm going to take my time, make a plan, draw it out and use more than 1 color thread and enjoy the journey, not the race!

But I've discovered that my red is off.  This is the red from Fig Tree's Aurifil Thread collection. . . yea, way different then Sweetwater's fabric color-way . . .

So I need to order the right red . . .

#2260 looks about right

While researching thread, I found some good finds:

 I love this quilt by Alex Veronelli . . . I just may have to try one, with carolyn Friedlander's fabrics, of course.  (sorry I didn't take the time to crop my pictures)

 This was good to learn:
if you flip off the top, you'll find the end of your thread.

 #aurifilthread on IG has some fun "thread for thought":
(you think fabric's expensive?  that's about $300 worth of thread in that picture!!)

 This was a good find from christaquilts (great online store to purchase your aurifil thread).   Christa got almost 12 full bobbins with 1 spool of 50 wt. aurifil thread (she had already emptied 2 before taking this picture)

 My husband will be VERY happy to learn that:

 this was a nice find . . . with "Thread Mate" you can match your bobbin with your thread for storage.

Look at this fabulous thread art by Sophie Standing

 Aurifil Thread will soon show their logo at the top of the spool:

Do you have anything fun or interesting to share about your favorite thread?

happy quilting !!


  1. Aurifil is my favorite thread, period! I love they way it doesn't steal the show on quilts, but adds so much wonderful texture.

  2. My problem is that I can't decide which thread I love so I have multiple different types. Sometimes it is price, sometimes colour, sometimes availability, sometimes what I use it for.
    I am tying to use up what I have so I can go in one direction. Unfortunately or fortunately that might take a while.

  3. You have been having fun with your threads. Lots of great information.So far I have only used Aurifil for embroidery.

  4. your photos of IG are fine, but if you want nice cropped ones easily, just click on the little arrow in the upper right corner of the post you want to feature and it will give you a code you can use to embed the photo in your blog, with or without the caption included. i just discovered this myself and it's so easy!

    i'm pretty sure i love aurifil the best. although mettler and gutterman do me just fine, too. i've only used one other and had so many problems with it. the lady at the quilt shop talked me into it and i hate it! wish i could remember the name. i just use it for epp basting now because my machine liked it less than i did.


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