Thursday, January 30, 2020

hamstring nature postage quilt

 I wanted to make a quilt with the colors of nature.  I went to my pictures of Alaska.  I’ve visited several regions, with a variety of landscapes.  Some snowed upon, some not.
The vast waters mirrored endless images and colors of the land and sky.

Sunrises are spectacular.

endlessness . . . . . 

I started this quilt while in San Miguel de Allende for a month, escaping the Texas summer here.  San Miguel is a charming colonial-era city in Mexico's central highlands . . .  and my favorite place to visit in Mexico.

On the quaint cobblestone streets, you can find a variety of bustling markets, with vendors selling their handmade wares.  The city is known for it's thriving arts scene and cultural events.  

 I set up my work station with my Singer Featherweight on this gorgeous dinning table in our colonial rental. . .

...  a delightful ironing station in the kitchen. . . so charming.

 I spent the mornings up on the veranda enjoying the colorful views, the filtered sun and aromatic breezes, with an occasional ringing of a church bell-tower.  

The afternoons brought cooling showers, giving everything a fresh cleaning, and the perfect time to sew.

This is actually a checker board design, but I like the words postage quilt so that's what it is :)

My original plan was a match-stick pattern through-out, in one direction.  Silly me, I didn't realize that match-stick quilting in one direction through out would shrink down to a long skinny quilt. 

I started staggering the tight lines and added lines going the opposite direction until it was the shape that I was looking for.  

quilt stats

aprox size  63x80, washed

batting - Winline 100% Bamboo, 6 oz. (a heavier weight for colder climates), renewable, breathable, durable fibers with anti-bacterial properties.

quilt - postage pattern (check board pattern, actually)

fabrics - various textured Konas, wovens and linen essex, depicting the colors of nature

quilting pattern -staggering tight and loose straight lines

thread - Aurifil 2890

On the back, I quilted the last line of a metta (positive energy and kindness towards others) practice:

"... and may you live with an unguarded heart"

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  1. This can also be called a St. Louis Sixteen Patch. Lovely!


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