Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let's finish this: Greek Square Quilt

I have been on a vacation from quilting for the summer, not exactly by choice with vacations, visitors, funerals, and college prep.  Last night I ran through some of my favorite blogs.  Everyone seems to be working on unfinished projects.  So, I'm pulling out my unfinished Greek Square quilt from this post.

One of my concerns with this quilt was the possibility of shrinkage since it is going on my bed.   Warm and Natural shrinks 3%, and it seems like my quilts have shrunk more than that.   I have a tendency of washing things that have been laying around the house in hot water, with a few "Color Catcher" sheets made by CLOROX.

So, I made an executive decision last night to add another 8 inch border of this paisley blue.   I love searching for a particular fabric on line.

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