Thursday, March 3, 2011

ABC Organizing

In any work place in your home, organize your "stuff" into 3 groups:
A - things you use DAILY
B - things  you use WEEKLY
C - things you use MONTHLY

Put A things close to your working area, in shelves and drawers with the easiest access.  The B things just 1 step further away.  The C items on the top shelves, furthest away from the working areas.  You can use this concept in the kitchen, office, laundry room, sewing area, closet, bathroom, garage, EVERYWHERE!

All work areas, (desks in the bedroom, study or kitchen), have some sort of mini filing system close by to help control clutter in that working area.

At the piano:
A - on the piano
B - Basket next to the piano
C - Box to the right of the piano, or in a file cabinet in another area.

I love to use notebooks for my "B" items that I don't use too often, but need easy access to. 

Use the ABC method in your freezer.  Don't forget to label your freezer items, INCLUDING DATES!

As you keep your home organized, your family members will unconsciously learn your techniques (hopefully).

Occasionally when I visit homes that don't have the ABC system, I find that in time, their kitchen drawers have become filled with "C" items, and their daily "A" items have to squish into little available spaces.  You can easily become blind to the fact that daily you are moving your C items around to find your A items.

Compulsive???   . . . YOU BET!


  1. It is certainly time for spring cleaning and I'm in desperate need of organization!! (love how you organised the freezer!!!)

  2. Not compulsive but difficult when you are an organizer and your husband is a drawer stuffer!


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