Saturday, May 28, 2011

The inspiration behind Calico Calvin's Quilt

I just couldn't resist sharing this darling little nephew of mine.  

Meet Calvin . . . sitting on his calico quilt.

 Isn't he the cutest?  Look at those big lips, and gorgeous eyes.  Don't you just want to squish him?
He's happy and content .  .  .  the caboose of 7.   


  1. aaawww, he's so cute. and I LOVE the name.

  2. Something unique about those Calvin's, isn't there Nettie?

  3. Ok, wait -- does Nettie have a Calvin? Awesome. And yes, he is a cute baby and we all LOVE the quilt. Thanks again Linda!

  4. Yes, Marilyn. Here is Nettie's "Calvin Quilt".

  5. So cute, I'm a sucker for babies on quilts, mines about to turn 8 months, they grow up too quickly. Great quilt too


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