Monday, June 6, 2011

Miss Rosie's LABELS

 When I took the class from Carrie @ Miss Rosie's Quilts, I was fascinated to learn about her labels.  She brought with her a new quilt, Scarlet Queen.  You can purchase the pattern here.

 On the back, she used a modified version of the squares from the front of the quilt, incorporating more white squares, places to document information about her quilt.

Name of quilt,

 Location and year where quilt was made (sorry it's so out of focus),

 "Machine quilted by  . . ."

 "Named after . . . "

" Pieced by . . ."

 She uses a permenant marker, fine point.  I press mine (no steam), afterwards to make sure it's permanent.  A historian taught Carrie the importance of giving information to your posterity about your quilt and in your own handwriting.

Our children have grown up with a beautiful boat quilt made 50 years ago or so by a great aunt.  How fun it would be to have all this information about the quilter, and in her handwriting!

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  1. I think it is important to label quilts too..I have two old family quilts and a story that goes with them, but I really don't know who made them and would do just about anything to know!


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