Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lavender Sachets

Here's a fun gift idea I found here.  The lavender is available from this etsy site.  The aroma is wonderful. If you don't over stuff them, 1/2 lb. of lavender will make about 20 sachets.  

Here are the instructions and a few helpful tips:
To make 1 sachet, pick 2 coordinating fabrics, and cut 4.25 inch squares.  (I hope you're not just making 1!)

With a short stitch length (I used 2.0), stitch around all 4 sides, leaving a 2 inch opening on one side.  Back stitch at the beginning and end.

 Clip corners, turn right side out, press.

 Press seam down the unsewn seam for easy finishing.

The top of a water bottle is the perfect size to use as a funnel.  Do not over stuff, it's a sachet, not a bean bag.

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