Monday, January 16, 2012

Play quilts

With the sound advice of my husband, I found another option for a baby gift to make.  It's a win win win.  Recipients will still enjoy a home-made gift, I still get a creative high, and I don't get stressed out from backed up projects (that's the idea anyways, but what it really means, is more time for more projects!).  Actually, in the long run, I get to spend more time on my HQ Sweet 16.  

 I fine tuned this idea after seeing some play quilts at  She has some in her etsy shop.  The fabric is "crayon commute" from "The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection 2010".  Meander quilting design.

1 yard each of 2 coordinating fabrics.
Optional:  use flannel for 1 side, or Satin-backed flannel from Joann's for a cool touch to the skin.

I made a template of the car in the fabric, and used wonder-under to adhere it to a blank card.  I prefer to do this onto a white or brown gift bag, because then it can be reused by the recipient.  But this play quilt was being mailed, thus the card.


Bias Ruler - I love this tool!!


  1. Personally, I really like it!! It's cute and it does the job.

  2. Hi there. So glad I found your blog again. I'm your newest fan : )
    Love the quilting on your pear quilt too.

  3. Hey just discovered your blog. Super good idea. I have some cute fabric from IKEA that I could use to do something similar. Thanks!!

  4. It's hard to find cute, modern, yet sort of classic boy fabric. This one is just darling, and you really did it justice. Your card is so stinkin' cute too. ☺


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