Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fresh Modern floor pillows

This week's finish includes new floor pillows which needed some serious updating.    I don't like making fussy pillows.  This is my easy way to make a cover for a pillow.

Easy Pillow Tutorial:
I like to use canvas fabric.  These 2 canvas fabrics come from Sweetwater's Hometown and Reunion lines.

If you are not using canvas, I would suggest making your pillow an inch or so smaller than your pillow form to help support the shape.  If you're working with canvas, the heaviness of the fabric gives the support you want.  

When measuring my canvas for cutting,  I add a good 3 inches to one side.  This is a key factor in the "non-fussy" part of this pillow.  You will see further along the importance of adding these inches.

I don't pre-wash my fabric.  Plan on pressing with heavy steam at the end.  

With right sides together, sew 1/2 inch seam around 3 sides.  Clip the 2 corners furthest from the opening.

Zig Zag around the 3 sides you just sewed together.  Zig Zag the 2 pieces on the open side, separately. Turn right side out, press with steam.

On the open end, measure 3 inches, fold in and press.  

Stuff the form in to your new cover.  Push your pillow form into the pillow, giving you some extra room to work with while sewing the end closed.  Move your needle as far as you can to the left.  Stitch closed, reinforcing at the beginning and end, close to the edge. 

A couple times a  year, I rip out that last seam on my pillows to wash the covers.  Then I sew them back up.  It's fast and easy.


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