Sunday, April 22, 2012

children's funny little book

One of the best things I did as a young mother was to write the funny little things down that our children said or did.  Now that they're grown, when they come home to visit, one of their favorite things to do is to all sit on "MY" bed and read out of one of their "funny little books".

I didn't have much time to write in their little books regularly,  it wasn't meant to be a journal, and with each child I seemed to loose more and more of those memory brain cells, so when one of them did or said something funny, I jotted down on a sticky a few sentences that would give me enough details to later make an entry in their funny little book.

I put a few other things in at the front just for a quick future reference:

basic birth stuff

a few fun dates to remember

a cute picture here and there

cute little notes. . . . this poor child thought his life was about to come to an end because he had taken my favorite mixing bowl out into the cul-de-sac and lost it.

There was a page towards the back where I put a swatch of fabric from their Christmas PJ's that I made.

Once in a while, Dad wrote a little something.  Dad's tend to see different things.

There are so many fun ways to capture pictures and memories these days of your children.  But the projects can be extensive and costly, and may sit and collect for a spell.  A little book to capture the little funny things they say will be priceless. 

I would highly recommend it.  A cute "funny quote book"  would make a great baby gift.

I'd love to hear of any good ideas you have for recording your children's funny memories.

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  1. That's such a great idea! I think I may do that with Miss Maze.


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