Friday, April 13, 2012


This week's goal, prep for a baby shower.  It was a working baby shower, we made onesies. 

 I've been collecting fun pins on pinterest,  check out my "onesie's board".

  I'd like to try dyeing, and fabric painting using freezer paper. 

 I used "heat 'n' bond" lite (from Joann's), it's softer for fabrics than the heavy.  I still like a small zig zag stitch around the edges.  My needle settings are at 2.0 (width), and 0.8 (length), and I use the same color top thread as the fabric.  I usually just use white in my bobbin, but if it's a dark fabric, use the same thread in the bobbin as the top.  Be sure to get "sewabe" heat 'n' bond.

I found the onesies at Babys R us.  But I've seen them at target also.  I don't believe spending too much time and money on onesies.  Honestly, how long do they wear them?

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  1. Okay a working shower...brilliant!
    so much more fun than those awful party games we have all played too many times.
    so how do they wear? have you given them the test? Now this would be a terrific gift to match almost anything, a small quilt, toy, bag.
    Great idea.

    Happy Sewing

  2. working showers are great, especially if the Mom is the kind of person that doesn't like a lot of attention drawn to her. You can have 2 or 3 different stations working on other simple projects eg: burp rags, or everyone can be working on the same project. If you're all working on the same onesies, I'd recommend going around the edges with paint, otherwise you have a log jam at the sewing machine.

    I have not done the test yet, but I did a lot of research and everyone says the heat 'n' bond works well. I zig zagged for insurance.

  3. I haven't done this one onesies but I have done it on t-shirts, and the Heat 'n Bond with zig zag holds up pretty well. My first daughter always outgrew them before they started to peel. On the few times I did have issues, it was well through daughter #2's use of the shirt. I think a baby would out-grow the onesie long before it started to show wear.

    I love the idea of a working baby shower. Very creative *and* practical!

  4. What a great idea for a shower! And your onesies are adorable. You're smart to not put too much work in them. With a six-month-old in my house, I can attest to how not-so-long they last before we're into the next size.

  5. such a cute idea : ) My next grand baby is due next week! I may have to try one of those. Thanks for sharing


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