Monday, July 9, 2012

pacific coast

There's nothing like a spending a week in quiet, serene places, to rejuvenate the soul.

majestic redwoods:

this one is about 800 years old!

 open spaces, lots of water, boats:

 pacific coast:

. . . a little ironic to see this flock of nesting white pelican in the famous "Bodega Bay", where Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" was filmed.

love light houses . . .

I wish I had the self-confidence of a pelican 

It was a bit colder than we thought it'd be, we broke in "apron strings".

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  1. I grew up on the Pacific Coast a little farther north than Bodega Bay, in Eureka and Arcata. I agree that it is gorgeous and serene and it can be a bit chilly. So glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I go back every chance I get to Eureka to visit. Great pics! Thanks for sharing,


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