Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A couple years ago, I was getting tired of my bedroom desk being the "catch all" for every piece of paper or project that didn't have a designated home.  I decided to do a little organizing.

I purchased this file cabinet from Pottery Barn, and organized a bunch of files inside for all my current projects.  All problems are solved when you purchase from Pottery Barn, right?  warm fuzzies?  I put this nifty basket on top to catch any scragglers.  

It seemed to work for a little while.

The past few weeks, I've spent a lot of time in bed, recovering from a medical procedure.  I am a "side sleeper"  so 50% of my time in bed I've had to look at   THIS:

 The "catch all basket" for scragglers had over flowed back onto the desk top.  As I layed there looking at this mess,  I was humiliated, appauled, disappointed in myself.  "I" am organized!  "I am simple"  I pride myself on that!  How could this happen???  

I realized that I was missing a few things.  I am a great believer in using the ABC method for organizing.  
A - things I use every day have a designated place with the easiest access
B - weekly items a little less assessable
C - monthly items on the bottom or top shelf

A few reasons why my previous organizing project failed:
1.  I'm not going to bend over on a daily basis to get into that file cabinet for my "A" items, even if it is from Pottery Barn.
2.  There was no place for my "B" items.   A second level of filing is needed.  If it's not easy and convenient, it's not going to happen.
3.  The basket for my "A" items ran a high risk of failure . . . not enough organization to it.


I purchased this shelving unit from Target, to house my A and B items (much easier access).

The square basket from Target will house my A items, nicely organized with clear file folders (see below).

My B items will go into the Classic Stolkholm Magazine File boxes which are now on sale at The Container Store.  

They are labeled with my busiest projects that I'm housing in that area.

My new found love are these clear file folders from Office Depo.  They also come in colors, but I usually prefer clear.  They "contain" all the different projects such as my recent trip, waiting to be documented.   

 The Pottery Barn file cabinet will continue to house my "C" items.  

 The top basket, hopefully will stay empty, just for decoration :)



Everything has a home.


  1. This post really resonates with me! My nightstand is in chaos and something must be done:). In Japan those clear plastic folders are widely used and I love them! Thanks for sharing your process!

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