Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday finishes - working baby shower

Here are some pictures from our "working baby shower last night":

These onesies are so fun to make!  Old Navy makes a good quality onesie.  Gerber comes in second.  Carter's are a bit thinner, which works to your advantage in the hot summer, but the snaps may not last as long.

 We used webbing (double sided interfacing) to attach the fabric down to the onesies.  "Heat and Bond" brand works best (medium), the kind with the paper on the back.  FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE PACKAGE.

Cut a piece of webbing slightly larger than the fabric you will cut out.  Place the webbing on the back of your fabric and pass the iron over it twice.  LET IT COOL. (If your iron spends too long on the back of that webbing, it will permanently adhere the paper to your fabric, and you'll have to start over)

Cut to desired shape.  Peel the paper off the back and place webbing side on to your next layer, whether it be a bordering fabric or the onesie.  Below it is a pink border.

Follow the same process as above, cutting your back ground fabric slightly larger than what the finished cutting will be.   Attach another piece of webbing to the back of your back ground fabric, cut to desired shape and iron onto onesie.  Cool.  Zig Zag with thread color matching the fabric.  Play with the zig zag settings on a scrap piece of fabric till you get the size you want.

 It's not going to be perfect.  You're working with 2 kinds of fabric here, one that stretches.  But it WILL BE CUTE!

It was hard to stitch perfectly around those pelts but with a good washing it will fray up.

 Burp rag tutorial here.

"raggy squares quilt" (tutorial to follow next week)

Finish it Friday?  You ask what am I finishing today?  Try putting my house back together from a 30 person party last night . . . my house isn't that big!


finish it friday . . . Thank you Amanda Jean!!


  1. All of it looks great! I love the little fussy cut appliques.

  2. Cute applique, hope the cleaning up didn't take too long!

  3. love your applique! Fun. fun.

  4. Cute appliques! This is a great idea!

  5. Very cute - looking forward to the tutorial

  6. I really love that quilt. It has been years since I made clothes for a baby. Those are darling.

  7. All the baby stuff is so cute and your tutorials are great too! I'll be back for the raggy squares tutorial next week...

  8. These are adorable!! Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for cute baby things to make!


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