Friday, March 8, 2013

Raggy Squares baby quilt - tutorial

This is a fun fast project, especially if you use pre-cut squares.

Quilt dimensions:  48" x 48"


4 mini charm packs (169 - 2.5" squares) **
1 1/4 yds back ground fabric
1 1/4 yds backing fabric
1/2 yd binding fabric
1 yd cotton batting
thread to match your back ground fabric

**When a new line of fabric first comes out, pre-cuts are available before yardage.  Mini charm packs go quickly, so if not available, cut from yardage.

For another set of instructions, go to the DIY page.


1.  Baste quilt - Prepare back ground fabric and backing by pressing.  Baste backing fabric, batting and back ground fabric using adhesive spray.

2.  Mark a grid onto your quilt top.

Find the middle.  Place a 2.5" fabric square in the middle (I placed all 13 squares down to get a visual).  This is the beginning of your grid.  Using your water soluble marking pen and a long ruler, mark a vertical line on the right of that first square and continue all the way across the quilt.   Before marking, measure to make sure you are the same distance to the edge all the way across the quilt.  Repeat the same process along the left of the first square.  You should have 2 vertical parallel lines measuring 2.5" apart marked across your quilt top.

I placed my squares 3/4" apart, but I've seen 1/2" and that works as well.  

 Your original 2 lines across your quilt will be 2.5" apart.  Continue marking down the right side, marking 3/4" away from your first vertical line.  Mark 2.5" then 3/4" all the way to the right edge, then down the left side until all the vertical lines on  your quilt top have been marked.

 Your quilt top will look like this:

 Follow the same process to find the center point going in the horizontal direction.  Mark all lines as previously shown.

 3.  Adhere squares onto quilt top.

Work 2 rows at a time.  Adhere using your favorite product.  I used basting spray because it's what I had.  It was a little messy.  I just sprayed a dot in the middle of the squares.

I'm told you can also use an Elmer's fabric glue stick.  Put a dab on each corner, though I haven't tried this myself, and would want to do some research to make sure it didn't gunk up my machine.   

 4.  Sewing squares to quilt top.

Sew one continual line from top to bottom sewing 1/4" from the edge of the squares.

 Hopefully you can change the needle position on your machine:

5.  Bind your quilt.

6.  Wash to fray edges.

You may need to clean out your lint collector in your dryer 1/2 way through the cycle.

Finished Yield:

48" x 48"



Have you ever heard of a "dessert roll"?  It's a roll of 5 inch strips, kind of like a jelly roll.

Check out Sweetwater's newest line . . . "the boo crew".   These little monsters are sooo cute!  I'm not big into making seasonal quilts, but this week I'll be working on creating something with it.


Finish it Friday  -  thank  you AJ!


  1. That's so cute and simple! Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  2. I was trying to come up with a creative way to use up a bunch of small triangles from a quilt top I just finished, and I was leaning toward crazy quilt/embroidery, but your project is incredible inspiration! Thank you!

  3. What a great idea, snowcatcher . . . random scraps sewn on to the top. The free motion quilting ideas would be endless. Thanks for the idea!!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial-you inspire me!!

  5. What lovely quilts and a great tutorial. I use spray to baste but have never used fabric glue for the same reason you stated. I'm glad you popped by as I will be back! Jen :)

  6. I've always wanted to make one of these but worried that the raw edges will eventually come loose... These are wicked cute.

  7. Penny, if you sew 1/4 inch from the edge, you're good. After your first wash, you'll get maximum fraying. If you use the pre-cuts you'll have more fraying than if you cut from yardage.

  8. I love the softness of the note worthy quilt but then maybe my favorite is reunion....hmmm not sure. They are both great.

  9. I love the colors on Reunion! This is such a cute idea. I love the softness of traditional rag quilts, but this version is a little more pulled-together; I can see myself making one of these soon!

  10. I love these little quilts - great tutorial I appreciate you putting it up. These both turned out so cute!

  11. Could probably do this one right on the longarm!

  12. Really sweet little quilt! Loving it in Noteworthy!

  13. What a great idea!, I love the simplicity of it!

  14. A fun little idea, soft and fuzzy. I have used glue sticks for all sorts of applique, I usually just dab a bit in centre areas of the applique piece so that the sewing needled never actually goes where the glued dabs are. Never had a problem with the glue even when I have had to run over glued areas -- it does wash right out and it is so much cheaper to use than spray glue -- I avoid spray glue because I am afraid of inhaling even bits of it and because I have had some 'fall' on my hardwood floor, and it was a b*tch to clean up! Thanks for the tutorial!

  15. How totally great! I love ideas that are maximum easy and maximum effective!

  16. What a lovely quilt! So simple and looks great. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I do love some raw edge applique, and the way it frays in the wash. And babies love texture!

  18. very neat quilt....I have a dessert roll...yet to use it.

  19. What a great idea! I've seen the raggy quilts where the seams are on the outside, but not with sewing the blocks ONTO the quilt top to fray! Thanks for the tutorial and ideas!
    Visiting through Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday.
    Have a great one! Liz

  20. GREAT tutorial! I want to give this a go.

  21. Looks fantastic! And it helps that I'm a total sucker for anything Sweetwater and have upcoming projects in both Reunion and Noteworthy! :)

  22. I got very inspired by your quilt. That, as well as needing a baby quilt for this month, got me moving. I made mine a little smaller (limited by the size of the backing fabric) and had to adjust the distance between the squares as well. I didn't have a marking pen so I used an embroidery marking pencil to draw the grid. I think for next time, I would use a pinking blade to cut the squares because some of the fabrics really frayed. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  23. My husband prefers to only make flannel quilts that get fuzzy. I forget what they're called. I showed him this tutorial, and he's already decided that the next one he makes will be like this. He loved it, and so do I! Needless to say, I've subscribed to your blog, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing lots of these cuties floating around. You should have made a pattern and sold it, you could have improved you fabric budget! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I'm off to go explore your blog.

  24. That is one fast to make quilt! Thanks for the tutorial.

  25. Great tutorial! This will make great gifts for my grandchildren!

  26. What fabric did you use for the background fabric? What size would you make for a newborn baby quilt? Thanks


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