Tuesday, October 7, 2014

rag sheers

I've made a lot of play quilts with raggy bindings lately.  They're a perfect baby gift.  

They're 1 1/4yd square, one solid piece of fabric on each side.  

Raggy bindings are quick and give some fun texture.  You can learn how to make them here.

Since I make so many raggy bindings, I invested in these rag snippers.  They're amazing.  I can snip a baby quilt in less than 5 minutes with no sore joints or stiffness! (in case you think I'm being wimpy, just wait,   it comes when  you reach the 50 club!)  They really do all the things they say they do (below)


  1. OMG~We are kindred spirits! I have that scooter fabric and the green backing fabric! :) Scooter girls!

  2. Rag quilting is what got me started on this whole quilting adventure! I've even got a pair of rag shears of my own and they really are as awesome as you say - even for this 20something girl! I couldn't live without them.
    Unfortunately, I haven't made a rag quilt (or a raggy binding - I've made a few of those in the past, thanks to your awesome tutorial) in a LONG time. I really should remedy that. I guess it's time to make another baby quilt!

  3. Raggy binding is totally new to me but I love the look.

  4. Raggy bindings - how do you do that?? I've made several raggy quilts but never This is so cool - and so are those scissors!


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