Friday, March 27, 2015

yamaha keys

This quilt has been on and off the design wall for months!

After sewing 4 rows, I decided I was NOT a hexi girl . . . have you ever sewed hexi rows together?  not. fun.

Then I discovered this pattern:

believe it or not, adding the white strip in the middle is much easier than sewing hexies together.

I wanted to make it look like a piano key board
You have to turn it sideways to see the key board, like this:
Do you see the keys?  (my husband didn't either)  This quilt is for my niece who is extremely gifted on a piano.  I wish you could hear her, her fingers fly back and forth along the keyboard.

fabric is:

My favorite part is that little tease in the binding.

In the quilting process, I got lots of "swirl with a hook" practice.

and match stick practice. 

            Quilted on my HQ Sweet Sixteen.  Have I mentioned how much I love it?  
It's the perfect option for me.

No scraps were left behind, ha ha.


confessions of a fabric addict

Just in case your internal clock is wondering the dates of the next Bloggers Quilt Festival, here you go:


  1. I love how this looks - a more modern take on hexies and the white stripe really lifts this.

  2. Amazing! From the colors to the quilting! I recently made a hexie quilt...but like you, I added the zig zag in between the rows! SO much easier!

  3. What a great solution to your problem. This has worked out so well. The front and the back both look great!

  4. I love hexies, but not necessarily the sewing together bit! Your final layout looks awesome, good choice! I see the keys but I have 3 piano playing kids! :)

  5. I've sewn thousands of hexies together but all by hand. I think this is fantastic! She will love it. I wish I could hear her too ; )

  6. Once again, you have done a gorgeous job! I can totally see the piano keys and I think ou at a genius for coming up with that! Plus the surprise binding is awesome. :)

  7. There is so much I love about this quilt: the creative twist of piano keys, the pieced binding, and the sass on the back. Love it!


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