Tuesday, April 21, 2015

arrow tail boy quilt

I just love these fabrics from Tasha Noel. I knew an arrow tail quilt was just the place for them.  You can find the tutorial for this quilt here.

This pattern looked so easy, but if you look close, you'll realize that you're sewing vertical rows on the bias.  Which means that they move.  So when you sew the rows together, they don't always line up, but I remembered a trick that Carrie Nelson taught me back when I took a class from her to make this quilt.  

If you have 2 segments that you're sewing together, and one is longer than the other, (when they're supposed to be the same) you put the longer side facing down, and the feed dogs inch it in.  She said sometimes you have a row that you have to flip back and forth, if you have longer segments on the top and bottom of the rows you're sewing together.

 I've used these fabrics before on several plus quilts back here and here.

 Here's my little helper spraying the quilt down.  I find that a little mist before pictures helps to deepen the colors.  

quilt stats:
38 x 52 washed
fabric - Tasha Noel's Country Girls for Riley Blake
and the mice are from Lizzy House
binding - "out to sea" by Sarah Jane
batting - 80/20% comfort blend by winline
pattern -arrow tail by Laurel at Sing all you want
quilting - 1/4 inch from angular seams

crazy mom quilts
can I get a whoop whoop?


  1. Sweet quilt, and great tips here! I love to hear about your process. It makes for a juicy read, and a post I want to spend time with. Thank you so much.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  2. I love the colours of this baby boy quilt!!! Beautiful!! Sure wished I had those tips when I made an Arrow Tail quilt... There were quite a few parts that did not match!! Oh well, I love it any way and it is now my personal car quilt😊

  3. I love the pattern and the fabrics are delicious!!!

  4. There's so much to like about this post ... all lovely and an adorable helper too :)


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