Wednesday, July 22, 2015

wip- bugs plus quilt

Another plus quilt.  This time, I'm trying the "rectangle in the middle" method.  I'm already seeing a disadvantage to using this method, I can't use my "stack and sew" method, posted back here which would save me eons of years as I sew it together.  I'll have to sew row by row . . . boooorrring!  

I think I'm looking for a more muted look, maybe more green too.

 These are my favorites, and didn't make it into the circle photo shoot.  These were from Hawthorne fabrics online.

I think I'll bind in that dark poka-dot gray on the bottom left

 Have you seen the "wimpy kid" line out at  your local quilt shop?  so. cute.

The inspiration came from this quilt by quiltstory on IG.

Here are the notes I'm working off of:
twin bed size (for my sewing room)
squares are 4 inches.
1 rectangle and 2 squares = 1 plus
18 squares wide (if the rectangles were 3 squares)
24 squares long

pillow sham:
9 squares x 6 squares

cut FQ into 4-4inch strips across longer length of fat quarter.  cut 1 4x11, cut 2-4x4.
need 21 FQ

love the dark gray binding

for the love of George (ha ha, love the name of her blog)  has a nice tutorial.  I've made lots of plus quilts, but always cut all squares, never used a rectangle for the middle piece.  This diagram helped with the layout.

gray plaid sheets underneath.  matching pillow case (go back to pine needle village and get more from the collection)

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  1. Beautiful fabrics. I love that colour palette you've chosen.

  2. Loved hearing your perspective on the rectangle middle for plus quilts. I think I'd find it boring too. Love your fabric selection.


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