Tuesday, August 18, 2015

quilting "my small world"

"my small world" has been on the quilting table this week.  

I've decided to continue my shamless copycatting, and quilt "my small world" like JenKingwell's.  The sky is tile quilted and the rest is "stitch in the ditch" (which is so boring and tedious), and some "match stick" quilting here and there.  

OMW!!  did I really forget a square?  
It just may stay like that :)

What do you do while you quilt?  Have you ever tried "Audible"?  audio books.  This week I listened to:

I'm not sure what I think of it . . . it's very different from "To Kill A Mockingbird".    I actually listened to them both these past few weeks, as well as this excellent book:

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  1. Nice quilting. With something as busy as My Small World plain, boring quilting is sometimes the only thing to do.
    I listen to a classic rock music radio station when I'm in my sewing room. I find a good beat helps me get into rhythm when quilting, plus it has the news on the hour so I get time checks

  2. A gorgeous quilt and you are more than excelling with the challenge of quilting it.

  3. Your small world is looking wonderful, great quilting! It's adding texture while not overpowering your piecing.

  4. It does look time consuming, but it will let the piecing shine.

  5. Beautiful!! Love the itty-bitty piecing of the background. Wow!


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