Friday, August 21, 2015

stepping stones

Stepping Stones made with Sweetwater's "noteworthy", is in the final process of hand sewing the binding.  

I needed a quick finish, and this pattern was the trick.  It's very similar to the "double slice layer cake" method.  

And I used the "stack and sew" method for piecing, which you can learn about here.  It will literally carve out more hours in your day!

quilt stats:
52 x 63 (washed)
batting - 80/20% comfort blend by winline
fabric  - noteworthy by sweetwater for Moda
binding  - sunkissed pink by sweetwater
quilting - broken lines w/ random circles (see below)
pattern - stepping stones by Mary's Cottage Quilts

I fell in love with this quilt from QuiltCon 2015.  "Quilt 2" from the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild - pattern by Debbie of Esch House Quilts .  I not only love the design, but the quilting as well . . .

broken lines with random circles.

I quilted the horizontal lines first, then went back and marked the circles.  I fished the beginning and end threads back through the quilt (is there a term for that?)

The back is a take on Amanda Jean's "birch tree" design.

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  1. like that pattern and your quilting

  2. Such a beautiful quilt. The quilting is fun and makes it look so cuddly. I have always loved that fabric line.

  3. I also love the front and back! I especially like the circle quilting.

  4. lovely quilt - really good job on those circles... mine would probably look like flat tires !
    Colleen @

  5. How nice to have a two-sided quilt. The quilting goes well on both. I like your idea, but would hate burying all those knots.

  6. Gorgeous quilt and I love the quilting you've done. It really lifts the whole quilt

  7. Great quilt. The circles in the broken lines quilting is excellent!

  8. Hello, love the Sweetwater quilt!
    About the Quiltcon quilt, it's shown here too:
    The caption reads "Quilt 2 from the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild - pattern by Debbie of Esch House Quilts" so it could well be a group quilt. I think the pattern is here:

    1. Thanks Beatrice for your great info. I've updated my post with the source and purchased the pattern. I'm SO making that quilt!!!

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