Tuesday, November 3, 2015

quilt retreat prep

quilt retreat prep - defined as designing, planning, purchasing, pressing, cutting and organizing as many projects as you can

 so that during your quilt retreat, you can sew without disruption of children, husbands, showering, eating and believe it or not, sleeping.

The world stands still while you furiously sew away in a little bubble with your other crazy quilting friends (until you get home and realize that the world hasn't stopped and you have a bunch of messes to clean up) 

The prep depends on the project.  Projects like "plus quilts" are laid out on the design wall and carefully stacked and made ready for sewing.

Other projects, I make up 1 block (taking lots of notes) and cut the pieces to make the rest of the blocks.

 I'm so excited to use my new flying geese ruler.

 What should I do with this lush grouping?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. The retreat sounds like heaven. I hope you get a lot done!

  2. You seem to be very organized ! I like your tree block very much.

  3. I love that last photo. Fabric looks so pretty to me arranged like that. Someone should create a paper piecing pattern that looks just like your photo!

  4. So many fun things.... Have a great time at your retreat.

  5. Frances...It's better than heaven! And I get to go! (I'm crazy enough to have made the cut!) :) Linda, I'm also doing a plus quilt this year! I have my blocks all cut, but not "Stacked" yet. Maybe with your Lush Grouping, you can make a Superstar Quilt with the Crazy Sisters! http://vandco.bigcartel.com/product/super-star-pdf-quilt-pattern
    Can't wait sis! :)

  6. I am also making a plus quilt at the retreat, it's a smaller quilt for my new grandson that will arrive soon. I stacked it and it's ready to go. I love your Daysail mini quilt....I happened to purchase some of the same material from a friend. I hope you will take this as compliment, I want to use yours as inspiration for mine. I think you should use the fun, new material to make a Farm Girl Quilt.

  7. What should you do with that collection? Um, how about 'Give it to me?' lol

  8. I have never been to an overnight sewing retreat, but I know that I always end up packing 5 times as much as I can possibly sew for our day retreats. Have fun! (Seeing that picture makes me regret not getting the B&C basics bundle...)

    1. Leila, I was shocked last year when I came home with my 6 tops all done. Everything was cut and ready to go.

    2. Wait... You got S I X quilt tops done? You are a superstar!! I'm so impressed!

  9. I got to go to my first weekend retreat with a friend. We went to a nice hotel in Tucson, did some quilt shop hopping, then put on our jammies and sewed, sewed, sewed... I finished 6 projects. now I am hooked and want to go again! Love your fabrics...

  10. Gosh, you are very organised. I hope it goes really well.


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