Wednesday, August 3, 2016

hello darling doll quilt

Last fall I went to a quilt retreat, and my friend sitting across from me was making this beautiful quilt (added to my bucket list)

I watched as stacks and stacks of little triangles were being disposed of (I think it was the other 1/2 of the corners sewed into the white squares)

well, I grabbed all those triangles, and bartered for some of the other left-overs and started sewing till I came up with . . .

It's not the fastest way to put together a quilt, but there's something about using free scraps and creating something pretty with it that someone will adore that is very therapeutic to me.

21 x 28 washed
fabric is hello darling by bonnie and camille
binding is chenille

Tutorial on the chenille border found here.

Delivered. Loved.
(perfect gift with cradle for a 2 year old grand daughter . . . guaranteed to put you on top :)



  1. Oh, I do love using up someone else's scraps! Haha! I get better ideas with those than with my own scraps!

  2. What a lovely little quilt! I love it.

  3. How sweet! Somehow, free scraps are better than your own scraps!

  4. what a way to recycle, the fabrics are too lovely to waste!

  5. Adorable little quilt. Guaranteed to bring smiles to a little one.

  6. so sweet - I am a trash stalker at quilting events as well.

  7. Such a pretty little quilt! I always stitch two lines when I'm sewing those corner triangeles - then when I cut them off, the HST is already made! I toss them in a little bag and pull them out when I've got enough for a small quilt or border. Whoop whoop for your pretty finish!

  8. I'm just now getting around to visiting the Let's Bee Social links and I LOVE what you made out of your free scraps! Very resourceful! It's beautiful!


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