Wednesday, July 14, 2021

burgoyne surrounded


Years ago, I saw this antique quilt in a magazine.  I was stunned by it's beauty and HAD to have it ... one of those "had to have it" kinds of quilts that you drop the 6 other projects you are juggling, including a commission, and you go down a "have to have it" rabbit hole.

Quilt made by Martha A. Page, 1852 - Located in THE MET

My hunt found that this quilt pattern's name, "burgoyne surrounded" refers to the surrender of British General Burgoyne and his troops when they were surrounded by the American troops, in one of the most pivotal events of the Revolutionary War.

The squares in the center of the blocks represent the British troops, encircled by the smaller squares, the American troops.

I am "instruction/pattern challenged", so I took this project to a quilt retreat and sat next to a friend who is intensely right brained, a math genius.

Have you ever made a king size quilt???  It took me for eeeeeeeeeever!!  Actually, it took almost 3 years . . .  Actually, I still have 1 side to hand stitch down.

Every so often, I put it away and gave “it” a rest.  Then I did some instant gratification projects to build my self confidence back up, like vacuuming :)


The Feb. 2014 edition of APQ featured a “Tone It Down” quilt along, with the, aka, the Burgoyne Surrounded pattern.  You can see lots of pretty versions on IG, #toneitdownquilt  
(I'm not sure how they got away with printing that it was designed by a current quilter..... they should read their quilting American Revolution history)

I stitched 1/4 inch from all the seams with a few X's here and there.  

The sashing around the blocks needs some quilting ... but I couldn't figure out what, and at that point, I was pretty much done.  I thought I would go back and quilt in those rectangles some day.  

Do you have any recommendations of how I should quilt those long rectangles?  lines? curves?  X’s?

I used the Chantilly pantograph design to quilt the border.

I like the front almost as much as I like the back!!  Princess and the Pea by Heather Ross .... a classic, secretly hoarded away by many of YOU!!  I had enough for 2/3's a king size quilt.  I may or may not have a lot more :)

Leave me a comment if you have Heather Ross fabric hidden at home, and which prints you have, and if the print came on a pair of pj’s from TJ max, off a high-stakes eBay auction, or yardage from a quilt store.

I entered this in a quilt show.  The judges didn't care for my choice of back ground fabrics, light grays mixed with warmer whites. (the judges come from a generation that doesn't know about the box you can step out of :0 

It was a great experience, they gave a few other tips.

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