Friday, December 3, 2010

Laura's fish - in progress

I couldn't wait to show you my latest project, I'm still hand stitching the binding down and have the basting to take out, but I'll give you a peek.  I've always been intrigued by Heather Ross's designs, and one of my favorites is "Lightning bugs and other Mysteries" for Free Spirit.  You can still find it being sold on etsy.

I knew this was the right fabric for a quilt for Laura who is a freshman "fish" in college this year (or is that term only used for high school?).  It wasn't hard to find fun coordinating fabrics in my stash.

Ever since I discovered Kelly Wuldson's quilts at "Don't Look Now", I've been fascinated by her quilted circles, and decided that this was a good opportunity to try it out . . . I don't know if mine will ever look as good as hers, but it sure was fun.

It certainly took a lot of bobbin thread, 2 plus bobbins per row!

My top pick for an adorable binding happened to be in my stash . . .

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  1. i love the quilting on this. i'll have to give it a try, i've never been very good at circles.


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