Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Blogger's Quilt Festival Favorites - Spring 2011

I had so much fun looking through all the quilts and quilting blogs from the Blogger's Quilt Festival.   Thank you Amy! I really appreciated the up-dates, the thumbprints of the quilts on this festival's post.   Here are my top 10 quilts.  

1.  Boy Quilt by Where the Orchids Grow
Check our her blog.  She has a wheelbarrow for a prop that is to die for!  

2.  Sunny Days of Summer by  A Stitch in Time 
Who can resist the crispness of Sweetwater's "Sunkissed" on white?  I love this quilt!  I especially like the quilting.  Maybe I'll try on my next quilting job.   

3.  Authentic Merry Go Round by Mary on Lake Pulaski
Another great line of fabric, Authentic by Sweetwater.  Definitely on my "must buy" list, if there's any left.  Look at the close up pictures of the quilting on her blog post about this quilt.

This quilt is a collage of squares from around the world, and auctioned off for some kind of charity.  The shades of red are all over the chart, but it works because it's so scrappy.

5.  Film Strip Quilt by  Why Not Sew? Quilts
The colors blend so nicely in this quilt.  The right grays give a calming affect.  She gives a tutorial for it in this post, and it's also on her side bar, "Film Strip Quilt Pattern Free PDF".  This is definitely on my up-dated "to do" list.

6.  Wrapped in a Kiss  by  Artelicilous
I'm pretty picky about the art quilts that I like.  This is a nice one.

7.  Spring Wheel's by JAQ's Studio
Don't you love these pinwheels on white in these bright springy colors?  So crisp and fun.  The green horizontal lines add some unexpected interest.  Great combination of colors.

8.  The Shirt Quilt by Kameleon
This quilt is made from a stack of shirts.  I think the colors blend very well.  I would like to make a shirt quilt some day.

9.  Corner Block Quilt by Shiners View
This is a great quilt.  I love the colors!  This is an original design, with the tutorial here.  The amazing part of this quilt is that there is only 1 printed fabric.  All the rest are solids.

10.  Summer Night Twinkle by Quilting Gal
Wow . . . just wow.  Maybe some day I'll have the patience to make a quilt like this.  

Well, I've made some adjustments to my quilting "to do" list . . . .  fun fabrics, great tutorials, awesome designs, and lots of new ideas.  Thank you for sharing!


  1. Thanks Linda! It is completely sweet of you to include my quilt. I am honored and flattered!

  2. Thank you very much, Linda, - I feel very honoured :-)


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