Wednesday, October 3, 2012

wip - ship it!

Although this play quilt has been finished for a few weeks for my niece, it is STILL being considered a "Work in Progress", because it is STILL sitting on my table waiting to be shipped.  Note to self . . .  put it on today's "to do" list.

These pictures show a little better the raggy method for binding play quilts.  It alleviates the hand sewing at the end, plus, gives a nice frayed edge.  You can read the tutorial for the raggy binding method here.

If you use the raggy method, don't forget to allow yourself twice the fabric.  When cutting, your strips will be 4 inches wide instead of 2 1/4.  

Look how this binding frayed up after washing :)  It's flannel and has a loose weave to it.  



  1. Oh! I love that! Pinning it for future reference!

    I actually really love the quilting on it, Linda!

  2. I have never heard of raggedy binding - cute finish for a baby quilt! Thanks so much for linking up to wip Wednesday, where I am having a fun day guest-hosting!

  3. I have never seen that before - I love it! So cute for a baby quilt!


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