Monday, May 6, 2013


binding quilts this week

 had to use my back up machine this week . . . the singer feather weight. . . LOVE IT!!

ken's cat's quilt:

I fell in love with these funny cats.  I'm not a cat person, but their character is so typical from what I've heard.

Don't you love a checkered border? 

A nice mix of quilting cotton fabric and flannel scraps:

The thin black and white checked frame gives it a nice touch. 

I've made this quilt twice.  Here is the second:

 I outlined the cats on the front, not realizing how darling they would turn out on the back. 



  1. Darling cat quilt and I love how the quilting turned out!

  2. Just adorable....and I love your Singer!!!!

  3. Lovely quilts and I too love your Singer:)

  4. hmmm, I may have to pull my featherweight out of the cupboard, I don't think I have used it in a year!

  5. What adorable quilts! I really love the fabric for the dinosaur quilt.

  6. Cute quilts! Love the stripy binding.

  7. Oh, I give up! Look what you can do with a singer featherweight!!! Your quilting makes me think that I will NEVER be able to master the free hand approach! Abd it looks like you are doing it with a regular foot?


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