Thursday, May 26, 2016

patchwork dish towel

Thank you for your comments last week.  Several of you recommended the linky party hosted by Lorna at "Let's Be Social" on Wednesdays.  So, that will be my new mid-week social hangout.

Betsy won last week's giveaway . . .  package is on it's way,  enjoy!

Flour sack towels are the best!  inspiration from Amanda Jean.  I hang them on my oven door.   They make a nice splash of color in my kitchen and are a good conversation piece.   They are mostly for looks cuz they're so pretty, but I'm not going to stress myself out by trying to keep them white.

I purchased these 33"x38" flour sack dish towels from amazon.  The seller had lots of good reviews.  I've since washed mine and love how soft and absorbent they are.

I wanted them to be a little more rectangular in shape, so I trimmed off about 6 1/2 inches off the longer 

This is a great scrap-buster project, or you can use a mini charm pack.

spread out your squares, these are 2 1/2, but any size will work.  

These are more scrappy, but I stayed with the 2 1/2 in wide strip.

Sew your pieces together

press 1/4 inch along one edge (this will end up being your top edge on your finished towel)

press 1/4 inch on the end of your strip.   Lay strip wrong side up along the bottom of your towel (shorter end of towel)  3 inches from the bottom.    Pin several places, measuring against the bottom to make sure you've got your 3 inches.

Since each towel and each strip are a little different in length, I wait to press the end until I've pinned the strip down, so that those 2  finished edges are more exact.  

sew a 1/4 inch seam from the end of the top of your strip.

Flip your strip up and press.  Top stitch close to the seam all the way around the strip.

These towels are a great scrap buster and make nice gifts.

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  1. Your towels are great! I have never been able to find nice toweling like you found so next time I buy on amazon I will look again. These are cute and I like that splash of color too.

  2. This is so cute! I have been trying to decide what to do for my sister's birthday and I think this is it! She sent me a cute apron for my birthday, I think we are all at the age where anything, even just a card is so appreciated! I am absolutely sure she will love a couple of towels. Um, I'm a little late...her birthday is tomorrow and I still have to send them!

  3. I've used flour sacks for dish towels for years. But my mom made me one with white diaper flannel and it works wonderfully well.

  4. This looks super fun! And I love flour sack towels!!


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