Friday, May 27, 2016

varsity lawn quilt & giveaway

A nice finish.  This giant flying geese was shamelessly copied from a quilt I saw last fall at market in Houston

I think it was at the cotton and steel booth, but I can't remember.  Let me know if  you do.

"Quilt in a day's" ruler wasn't even big enough for what I wanted.  I attained the services of my "genius math quilter friend" (thank you mk) to help make those big geese.  (which means the process was painful and a big blur, so please don't ask :)

patiently waiting on the banister for it's turn on the hq sweet sixteen.

Do you remember the post back here about my trip to Mexico where I took pictures of free motion quilting ideas?  

simple log cabin design:



 I kinda went a little crazy on the quilting but there's one problem with so much detailed quilting.  And I found that out after the washing.  It reminded me of when the maid accidentally put my sweater in the dryer and it came out a 2 T size :- /
 I lost probably 10 inches off the width and length.

What I ended up with:
 a rotation of pebbles, random squares and matchstitck lines, which quilts up nice.  I'll use that pattern again.

55 x 68 (washed)
fabric is varsity by sweetwater
geese are 6 1/2 x 12 1/2
batting is 80/20 comfort by Winline

GIVEAWAY - closed.  
 I seem to have an abundance of pincushions laying around from my recent pincushion fest.  I'd love to share one with you, it's even filled with walnut shells.  leave me a comment if you're interested.



  1. I'd love to have another pincushion. Your flying geese quilt is adorable. I love the colours.

  2. I need a pincushion! I keep thinking I will make one for myself and then something happens and I don't! I would love to win one of yours! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  3. I love the quilt and the quilting. I am not a big Free Motion Quilting type but I did I think my 3rd ever a couple weeks back and really loved doing it and cant wait to try again. Even if it takes me forever to do they turn out fantastic. And I would love a pincushion also. Oh and love the contrast of the colors on the front and back.

  4. Uilt is gorgeous and the quilting is awesome!!! I've never had a pin cushion with walnuts.

  5. The quilting is absolutely beautiful, and I love the large scale flying geese! I'm new to FMQ, but I am also starting to see possible quilting patterns all around. Now, if I can start to translate some more of those ideas to fabric!

  6. Love your super sized flying geese quilt.

  7. I love the quilting and I need a pincushion, I don't have one. The few I have made have been given away ;-)

  8. I love the giant flying geese! I could finish a quilt if I made one like that! You can never have too many pincushions!

  9. I love the big flying geese! I have been sewing for 40 years and have never made a pincushion. Wedding dresses, quilts and costumes but no pin cushion. No excuse!

  10. I love flying geese - my fave block!!

  11. I don't need another pin cushion, but I do want to tell you I love this quilt!

  12. The quilt is just awesome! Love the pin cushion. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. (

  13. i enjoy pebble quilting, I haven't yet tried it myself. Such a cute pin cushion!

  14. Hello, yes, the quilt is from the Cotton + Steel booth
    Your quilting is awesome!


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