Thursday, May 5, 2016


This is a pretty simple project, but after mass production, I've learned a few tricks that I'd like to remember incase I make more.  

A charm pack makes about 9 pincushions like the ones below.

Cut 1 1/2 inch strips

pick 4 contrasting strips

sew together

 Press all seams in 1 direction.

 cut new strips 1 1/2"

 Lay all your strips out and group 4 together

 then sew . . 

 press seams open (less bulk for pins to go through finished product)

cut a back to match

Sew with right sides together back stitching at beginning and end.   Sew all the way around leaving a 2 inch open on one side, about the distance of 2 squares.  (catch the seam just inside the second square)

Trim the corners being careful not to clip sewing line.

Turn right side out being careful of the seam in the opening.

Push out corners with something like this:


 Be careful to press the opening.

 I filled my pincushions with mostly crushed walnut shells.  I put a wad of batting in the middle.

crazy mom  (I love the pincushion in Amanda Jean's post this morning.  will have to try this week!)
fabric frenzie friday


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